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The artist came up with the idea of striking the trunk of fourteen varieties of trees with a mallet, registering the quality of the vibration from the wood itself, its resonance in away.
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Lines, in all their different forms have punctuated Bernar Venet’s work since the sixties. Constructed from infinite points, these lines are the foundation of his work.
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Performances of S. Hirakawa question spectators on the place they occupy in natural environment, their relationship to nature and its impact on them.
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François Méchain, known as a “nomadic sculptor” and photographer, made Perspectives, a series of three works, for the Domaine de Trévarez.
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From 1942 to 1954, Sister Jacques-Marie, originally Monique Bourgeois, describes her encounter with Henri Matisse that lead to the creation of the Rosaire Chapel in Vence.
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Bob Verschueren plays on the fragility of things and the pieces he creates interpret this idea of ephemeral Nature.
Fifteen artists came together to explore the notion of spirituality with their feminine identity.
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Roland Cognet catalyzes the four primary elements - mineral, vegetable, animal and human - in one sculptural body. This formed one of the major themes in his work of the early 80s.
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The artefact in Érik Samakh’s work points at the artist’s image as a hunter-gatherer.
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V. Klotz has been developing a singular creation, somewhat marginal in the field of contemporary art, centered on the artistic beauty of our relationships with animals and nature.
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This « travel log » shows 47 artists' drawings living in Nice, invited to give a vision of "their" Nice, the place where they live.
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In subsequent years, Dougherty has developed a body of work that seems to fly through trees, overtake buildings, and define, in his stand-alone structures, a kind of modern primitive architecture.
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The artist’s intervention planned outside of Kernault’s mansion aims at reinterpreting the place and seeks a dialogue between the walls of the mansion and the surrounding park.
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For many years now, Martin Bruneau has been working from paintings of the great masters of the classical period such as Rembrandt, Velasquez, Courbet, Pousins or even Philippe de Champaigne.
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This portfolio composed of seven plates of illustrations presents Odile Decq’s project for the creation of a restaurant inside the Garnier Opera, with drawings and models in volume of the site.
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This book presents an ensemble of opaque watercolours and oils paintings produced by Geneviève Claisse in 1965 and 1966.
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