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O' Sole Mio is an engraved Carrara marble sundial mounted on a brushed stainless steel base with a brushed brass rod designed by Vera Molnar.
“This series of 12 drawings happened a bit by chance, out of bits and pieces of previous drawings." Pierrette Bloch
Since 1968, Giuseppe Penone has been considered one of the leading artists of the Arte Povera movement and since that time, has developed an artistic practice where artifice and nature are closely connected.
GEARS March 1967- Musée d’art et d’industrie of Saint-Etienne- Philippe Favier discovered contemporary art and Le Fiancé by Francis Picabia. “I received my first bike at the age of twelve, since then, I have been on the road.” (Paul Morand)
For the creation of this new « statement », Lawrence Weiner decided to liberate himself from the direct printing on the wall in order to lead the spectator towards a new relationship to his linguistic proposition.
The artist came up with the idea of striking the trunk of fourteen varieties of trees with a mallet, registering the quality of the vibration from the wood itself, its resonance in away.
Since the early 70's, each photo has been taken the same way. The man dressed in a white shirt photographs himself, posing in an attitude which is as neutral as possible.
Vogue la galère results from a specific project which has been discussed with Bernard Chauveau Éditeur and Le Néant, éditeur.
Characterized by the intensity of its Prussian blues or cyan blues, the cyanotype has provided Claire Trotignon with an ideal opportunity in which to further develop her graphic work.
Alex Katz’s hand drawings made with ink are a demonstration of his talent.
Inspired by Dürer’s etching “Melancolia”, Vera Molnar continuously interrogates a square filled with numbers of which the sum never changes. She appropriates it and attempts to reveal its secrets.
Destined to inhabit an interior dwelling, Lorsque la forêt s’éclaircit et retient ses animaux en elle is a rare work in a unique universe.
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