Vera Molnar - A retrospective (1942-2012)

In biographical notes, Vera Molnar is often introduced with these few words: “An abstract geometric artist since 1948”, following Kandisnky, Malevitch and Mondrian works.


In biographical notes, Vera Molnar is often introduced with these few words: “An abstract geometric artist since 1948”. Her ascending line is thus obviously abstract geometrical art, and her artistic predecessors are Kandinsky, Malevitch, Mondrian, and Klee. Vera Molnar, along with François Morellet and Julije Knifer, is among the representatives of conceptual art today in France.

From very early on, Vera Molnar used the computer as a quick and efficient tool to serve her imagination and help develop her ideas. This practice has brought her to injecting 1% disorder into a system, so as to produce a displacement emphasizing contradictions and strength in her work: “art is a flaw in the system”, she often recalls.

The Rouen Museum of Fine Arts and the Centre of Contemporary Art of Saint-Pierre-de-Varengeville will show an extensive retrospective of her work from June to September 2012, covering 70 years of creative works by the artist (1942/2012).

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Publication date 2012

Molnar (Véra)

Born 1924 (5th January) in Vera Gacs, Budapest. Lives and works in Paris as well as in Normandy

1942-47 studied painting and for a diploma in art history and aesthetics at the Budapest College of Fine Arts. 1946 first non-representational images are created. 1947 artists′ fellowship in Rome at the Villa Julia moved to France. 1947-60 occasional co-operation with François Molnar. 1948 marriage to François Molnar. 1959-68 works with the machine imaginaire method. 1960 Co-founder of the Groupe de Recherche d′Art Visuel (GRAV) first participation in an exhibition organized by her friend Max Bill with the title Konkrete Kunst (Concrete Art) in Zurich, Helmhaus. 1967 Co-founder of the Group Art et Informatique at the Parisian Institut d′Esthétique et des Sciences de l′Art. 1968 first computer graphics are designed: thereafter continuous work with the computer. 1976 development of the "Molnart" computer software programme jointly with her husband first single exhibition Transformations at the gallery of the London Polytechnic. 1979 works at the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, at the Atelier de Recherche des Techniques Avancées (ARTA). 1980 member of the Centre deRecherche Expérimentale et Informatique des Arts Visuels(CREIAV) at the Université de Paris I, Sorbonnethe first artist′s book 1% de désordre is published by Wedgepress & Cheese in Bjerred (Sweden). 1985-90 lectureship in fine arts and aesthetics and art history at the Université de Paris I, Sorbonne. 1990 her works are on display at major European exhibitions on non-representational art and avantgarde the first installative work is created for the Foundation of Concrete Art, Reutlingen . 1999 large monographic exhibition Extrait de 100 000 milliards de lignes at the Centre de Recherche, d′Échange et de Diffusion pour l′Art Contemporain (CRÉDAC) in Ivry-sur-Seine. 2005 recipient of the first d.velop digital art award [ddaa] for her life′s work, organised annually by the Digital Art Museum [DAM] and honoured with an individual exhibition by the Kunsthalle Bremen

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