Claire Trotignon / New Gypsotheque

New Claire Trotignon / New Gypsotheque

A work where utopias and representations of the past are mixed together


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Claire Trotignon explores the challenges of representation while questioning history, the nature of our contemporary space, and the power of utopias. Through her collages enhanced with drawings and colored

inks, she imagines generic landscapes that collide different times inside single images. Over the last ten years, this young artist has gained recognition for her use of old engraving fragments she combines in aerial compositions where the negative space is more meaningful that the represented elements. Her engraved textural lines often punctuated by a few solitary trees give rise to scattered representations she enhances with futuristic architectures reduced to a few generic elements. Recently, her work has taken a new turn, especially through works mid-way between sculpture and collage that emphasize the fragility of our current society crossed by contradictory messages. Thus doing, Claire Trotignon claims that every landscape is, first and foremost, a mental construction capturing the representational issues of a certain time and culture. Both reminiscent of the past and hopeful for the future, her landscapes mostly talk about the impossibility of our culture to grow deep links with nature. In Claire Trotignon’s work, the landscape becomes the symbol of a loss, but also the possibility of a new understanding of our reality, including in its most metaphorical dimension.


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Reference Trotignon_New Gypsotheque
Size 70 x 100 cm framed
Justification Signed et dated on the back
Technique Drawing and collages of old etchings on paper
Publication date 2020

Trotignon (Claire)

The artist was born in 1985 in Paris, where she lives and works. She graduated with honours from the École supérieure des beaux-arts in Tours in 2008, and has become one of the most talented artists of her generation. All her work revolves around a questioning of codes that drive our reality. Through her huge installations and series of drawings, collages and photographs, she holds to this practice of shaking up the ‘here and now’. She collects fragments of antique prints and reconstructs fictional, almost heroic landscapes. Working from a hodgepodge of different scales, she introduces fragments of modernist architecture, reactivating the ambiguities unique to our culture. She offers to our view an almost idyllic landscape, floating freely in space. Modernists, in their beyond-the-human trappings, remain a destructive force, a reflection of ruin. But once the modernists are removed by the new order of hyper-capitalism, what happens then? How should we consider our part in the world when all the signs show the imminence of their replacement? It is this colossal challenge that Claire Trotignon tries to respond to. The utopian buildings she peoples with her representations teach the process of a form of idealism that modern capitalism uses to hold us to its mercantile purposes. So we have to see a kind of re-enchantment with the visible in these works. With exceptional delicacy, Claire Trotignon indicates to us that the image may still be, not the sum of its ordinary places, but the place of the ordinary.

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