Lionel Sabatté / Zoocénose

Lionel Sabatté presents "Zoocénose" at Galerie 8+4 (13, rue d'Alexandrie) from 27 April to 27 June 2024.

Opening on 27 April from 5pm.

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For his second solo exhibition at Galerie 8+4, Lionel Sabatté is unveiling a new body of work, the fruit of lengthy research, with a view to reinventing the image itself, through iconoclastic practices using multiple techniques to produce singular works, one copy at a time. While a series of works has led him to reinvent the notion of photography, prints and engraving, a new stage has led him to question the practice of weaving in order to reveal its full pictorial potential. All of this is placed under the sign of life, nature and the sea, or as he likes to say, "inventing a new zoocenosis". If, in scientific terms, zoocenosis refers to the ecological concept of a living, natural and interdependent animal community, this is indeed a work in which the creations, the result of varied cross-fertilisation, constitute the artist's unique biotope, from which his fantastic universe escapes... The exhibition will feature several works from the Poussièrographies series, as well as the new Pêches series, with a set of small dust engravings.

In all, some thirty new works on paper will be unveiled alongside the artist's first tapestry.

An ode to living things and the extraordinary heterogeneity of the forms they can embody, 'Zoocénose' is an adventure that brings together earth, humus, plants, the vastness of the ocean and the sad degradation of our environment. Lionel Sabatté counters this state of affairs with a form of onirism that took shape several years ago with his use of dust as the very material of art. But with 'Zoocénose', he pushes the logic even further, giving these productions a new aura. .

Sabatté (Lionel)

A graduate of the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris in 2003, Lionel Sabatté has received several artistic awards such as the Painting Prize from the Del Luca Foundation in 2019, the Friends of the Maison Rouge Prize which enabled him to produce a work, presented in the patio of the foundation in 2018, the Drawing Now Prize in 2017 and was awarded the Yishu 8 Prize in Beijing in 2011.
His work has been the subject of many monographic exhibitions in France and abroad, integrating several institutional collections. The sphere of the living as well as the transformations of matter due to the passage of time are at the heart of Lionel Sabatté's work. For several years now, the artist has been collecting materials that bear the traces of his life experience: dust, ashes, coal, dead skins, tree stumps... These elements are combined in an unexpected way and the works thus created carry within them both a delicacy and a "disturbing strangeness", giving life to a hybrid bestiary in which creatures from the abyssal depths rub shoulders with small birds from the oxidised islands, bears, wolves, emus, owls, but also unicorns... Practising at the same time painting, drawing and sculpture, Lionel Sabatté tries to make all his works interact in a permanent interconnection. His research on the mineral, the animal, the organic in short, gives rise to poetic, sensitive and disturbing works which participate in a global reflection on our condition and the place we occupy in our environment.

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