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"There is something fundamental in my architecture, a Mediterranean element that is like a nostalgia for the climate, for the light, for all that my eyes have seen, in my youth, in the country where I was born."
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Catalog of the exhibition Maître de l'Art nouveau viennois dedicated to Otto Wagner at the Cité de l'Architecture et du Patrimoine.
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The catalogue presenting the exhibition Anselm Kiefer at the Couvent de La Tourette (Le Corbusier).
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The book published on the Bandelier house designed by André Wogenscky is the first volume of a new collection dedicated to the architectural wealth of the Bourgogne Franche Comté region.
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Catalogue of the exhibition Au-delà des souvenirs - Lee Ufan at Le Corbusier held at the convent of La Tourette.
La Tourette/ Forms of silence Catalogue of the exhibition held at the convent from September 20th to December 11th, 2016 in Lyon around four international artists: Geneviève Asse / Jaromir Novotny / Friedericke von Rauch / Michel Verjux.
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Did Someone see Mr. Corbu ? Gwénaëlle Abolivier A playful paper chase to discover Le Corbusier’s geometric architecture.
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On the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the death of Le Corbusier, this book brings together twelve letters and drawings by contemporary architects.
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On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Le Corbusier’s passing, Anish Kapoor was invited to make his work dialogue with the La Tourette convent’s architectural patrimony. This confrontation gives place to an exhibition that changes the way we see and look at the convent.
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Anne and Patrick POIRIER create an original and poetic dialogue with the Convent of La Tourette, Le Corbusier’s masterpiece, “tinged with the whiteness of the walls.”
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“Light has this unique quality, of being at once material and immaterial... light speaks” Éric Michel.
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During his stay in the Dominican Monastery of La Tourette – the last major work of French architect Le Corbusier - photographer George Dupin disclosed a set of unseen snapshots.
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To mark the fiftieth anniversary of the priory of La Tourette, the artist F. Morellet was invited to stage an exhibition of his works that would resonate with Le Corbusier's architecture.
The Dominican brothers of the priory of La Tourette have invited three artists to stage an exhibition of theirs works that would resonate with Le Corbusier's architecture.
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This book seeks to go beyond the classical framework of books on architecture to enable the general public to discover the wealth of expertise behind these ventures in construction.
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