Original Prints in limited edition numbered and signed by contemporary artists.

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For this edition, Robert Barry imagined a composition of eight words, equidistantly placed in a circle. They can be read forwards and backwards.
426,54 €
Simple, embossed words, highlighted by white screen printing ink: the artist imagined this almost invisible work…
Since the middle of the Sixties, Dan Graham’s artistic practice has been marked by the way it mobilizes different cultural fields, namely architecture.
791,67 €
On the occasion of the exhibition "Une spiritualité au féminin", Tania Mouraud created an original work in limited edition: DCLLDF
521,33 €
On the occasion of an exhibition in the Dominican Monastery of La Tourette, Alan Charlton created an original work in limited edition: LINE
710,90 €
Stencil engraving by Zao Wou-Ki inspired from Saint-Tropez, a piece created during the winter of 2006 in the South of France.
Two original stencils hand-colored in limited edition by the artist Philippe Favier for the French Manufacture nationale de Sèvres.
379,15 €
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