Artists' Editions 

Galerie 8 + 4  presents artists' editions such as multiples, etchings and original creations. Each project edited by the gallery is the result of an encounter and a dialogue with the artist, thus opening the path to many possibilities of practices and mediums. 

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Head print of the catalogue of the eponymous exhibition at the Maison des Arts de Bages from 20 June to 30 August 2020
426,54 €
The artist's latest creation, which marks a turning point and a return to line and drawing.
Using metal as his primary medium, Vladimir Skoda (born in 1942) has developed a special interest for spheres, exploring its convex and concave geometry, its polishing and asperities as well as its reflective and mat aspect.
For her second time using the ceramic medium, Vera Molnar has decided to create an exceptional set of works, once again revealing her ability to play with geometrical compositions she meticulously disorganizes.
708,33 €
Populated by monsters and chimeras, filled with fantasies and surreal impulses, the dubious territory of our dreams and neuroses is Amelie Barnathan’s favorite playground.
Since around 1969, Villeglé has had a real passion for signs, typography, graphic experiments and poetry. This passion gave way to his famous sociopolitical alphabet, a vast repertoire of thousands elements from various world cultures he reinvents and recomposes. 
3 317,54 €
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