Un photographe / un territoire 

‘Un photographe/un territoire’ is a collection of books on the theme of contemporary photography, where a photographer (or photographers) bear(s) witness to the diversity of a particular place.

‘Regard d’artiste’ is a collection of books exploring current works or projects by contemporary artists.

Made between 1909 and 1931, the Archives de la Planète represents one of the most comprehensive funds of color photographs from the beginning of the 20th century.
32,23 €
The video and photographic work of Florence Chevallier (born in 1955, currently living and working in Paris) overlaps between document and allegory while exploring the genres of landscape, portrait, self-portrait and genre scene.
18,96 €
This book invites to discover the communities who live in territories where the seasons impose their rhythm and the relationship to nature requires permanent adjusting and repairs.
23,70 €
To realize this parallel addition to the Albert-Kahn Museum’s Mongolian collection, three contemporary photographers were invited to offer their vision of Mongolia to the public.
23,70 €
Philippe Chancel reveals us the existence of the thousands of workers in United Arab Emirates who toil constantly constructing amazing cities: Dubai, Abu-Dhabi, with his book Workers Emirates.
37,91 €
The book records installations done in Clermont-Ferrand between 2000 et 2010, and photographed by the artist.
28,44 €
Suzanne Lafont (1949) is one of the most important figures on the French contemporary photography scene. Her work came to prominence in the 1990s.
25,59 €
On the occasion of inauguration of its new wing devoted to the Department of Islamic Arts, the Louvre Museum has invited Walid Raad, and given him carte blanche.
23,70 €
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