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A lamp that can be infinitely modulated (almost) 
1 041,67 €
Oak centerpiece conceived by Atelier BL 119 as a simple and primary architecture, recalling a pontoon.
The Douglas vase is a creation in blown glass by designer François Azambourg and produced in collaboration with the CIAV (International Center for glass art).
521,33 €
Designer David Dubois, during his Cirva residency at Marseille in 2014, experimented with variations on a volume of blown glass, and brought forth a luminous, suspended object.
The BULB vase imagined by David Dubois results from the unusual association of two objects whose initial functions differ: a vase and a simple water glass, transformed into a portable lamp.
Paperlamp is a white sheet of paper on a white wall. A pure geometric form, standing out from the wall by the diffusion of light it contains.
While doing research on glass with the Meisenthal CIAV, the designers Atelier BL119 (Design Studion BL119) produced a simple object allowing light to be nuanced.
The design of the Spade Vase is inspired by the world of shells. This both simple and delicate, geometrical piece is composed of a recipient and a corolla in glossy stainless steel.
331,75 €
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