Un temps de rêve focuses on Grégoire Korganow’s photographic work during his residency at the Maison Nationale des Artistes.
7,58 €
The american artist Alex Prager, photograph and film maker, presents her recent artwork.
9,48 €
The poster Braquage by JR is offered for the purchase of the book Cher Nicéphore... Twelve artists share their « first photograph » and their questionings regarding this medium with us, in order to pay tribute to Nicéphore Niépce, inventor of photography.
18,96 €
Suzanne Lafont (1949) is one of the most important figures on the French contemporary photography scene. Her work came to prominence in the 1990s.
25,59 €
The book records installations done in Clermont-Ferrand between 2000 et 2010, and photographed by the artist.
28,44 €
To realize this parallel addition to the Albert-Kahn Museum’s Mongolian collection, three contemporary photographers were invited to offer their vision of Mongolia to the public.
23,70 €
This book invites to discover the communities who live in territories where the seasons impose their rhythm and the relationship to nature requires permanent adjusting and repairs.
23,70 €
Philippe Chancel reveals us the existence of the thousands of workers in United Arab Emirates who toil constantly constructing amazing cities: Dubai, Abu-Dhabi, with his book Workers Emirates.
37,91 €
What characterizes Philippe Favier’s work, built up over a couple of decades, is doubtless its consistent inventiveness and the liberty he accords to upsetting the images he initiates.
26,07 €
Hymne à la Joie, refers to Beethoven’s ninth symphony, and is an in-situ installation for the Galeries Lafayette, Paris, in July 2011.
9,48 €
On the occasion of inauguration of its new wing devoted to the Department of Islamic Arts, the Louvre Museum has invited Walid Raad, and given him carte blanche.
23,70 €
The story of a legendary couple acquainted with the greatest artists and creators of their time…
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