Pierre et Gilles - Le Goût du cinéma


18,96 €

In Cannes, Pierre and Gilles, one of the most popular artistic duos in France for over thirty years, propose a themed exhibition of paintings around cinema, a passion the two artists share with the town that hosts the famous film festival every year. Pierre and Gilles are presenting a series of works staging actors and actresses who have posed for them, compositions and visual processes related to the 7th art as well as works especially created for the event.

For Pierre and Gilles, cinema is a taste of childhood and horizon. It was a way to escape a life that felt too small for children dreaming of inner faraway journeys. This deep childhood passion never left them. For this exhibition, Pierre and Gilles have created an extraordinary gallery of characters, a whirlwind of heroes, destinies and eyeballs staring at the big screen.  

Number of pages 88
Size 24 x 28 cm
Language french/english
ISBN 9782363062802
Technique Relié
Publication date 2019

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