Hellène Gaulier - Bait

Flies, fishing bait, are captured while flying and dress up hands, becoming jewellery.


The Appât* (bait) Collection is inspired by techniques used in the manufacturing of fishing flies. This form of bait, beautiful yet functional, imitates the appearance and colours of live insects so as to attract the attention of the fish. The Appât rings capture these in flight, held back by a gold thread attached to one leg. These small familiar animals, covered in feathers and fur, are transformed. They are adorned with extravagant colours and forms, parading to attract the attention of even larger prey. They are ceremonial flies… These insects are made from silk fly fishing lines, and goose, peacock, hen, ostrich, golden pheasant and blue jay feathers. Also made using hare, silver fox, reindeer and possum hairs.

Reference Hellène Gaulier - Appât
Edition Limited edition, unique pieces
Technique 925 silver, 18 carat gold, hairs, feathers
Publication date 2015

Gaulier (Hellène)

Hellène Gaulier is a graduate of the ENSCI. She has worked with biologists, la Paillasse, F. Azambourg and the Cochenko Collective. Her work lies at the intersection of industrial and social issues, functionality and evocation, the familiar and the strange. How can objects trigger a surprising interaction, or create a plot in which the user becomes the protagonist.

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