Michele De Lucchi - Le Coppe della filosofia / Sèvres - Baccarat

Two great French manufactures, Sèvres  - City of ceramic and Baccarat have both made available to Michele De Lucchi their experience, histories and skills.


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Limited edition - Michele De Lucchi - Le Coppe della...

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Two great French manufactures, Sèvres  - City of ceramic and Baccarat have both made available to Michele De Lucchi their experience, histories and skills. They are producing, simultaneously, one in a hard-paste porcelain, the other in cut crystal, three forms of stemmed cups, all born from the imagination of the Milanese architect.

This new book, the 25th of the collection “Les Cahiers”, traces the various stages of production within both factories.

Happy with the success of other collaborations with great contemporary designers, and sharing the same approach to perfection, these two celebrated houses decided to undertake this ground breaking edition. The result is an exceptional collection, Le Coppe della Filosofia. These stemmed cups are realised in different materials chosen so the dexterity, the flair and the inspiration can properly be expressed. The Coppa dell' etica is flat and encompassing, whilst the Coppa della mistica, is high and refined. The Coppa dell' estetica, the original matrix of the project, is the synthesis of it. Each cup rises, as if in levitation, or in spiritual meditation.

Limited edition. The first 100 copies of the book are accompanied with an original signed and numbered silkscreen, specially created by Michele De Lucchi for this “Cahier.” Size: 53 x 35 cm.

Reference 9782915837933
Number of pages 32
Size 15 x 21 cm
ISBN 9782915837933
Edition 2000 copies
Publication date 2011

De Lucchi (Michele)

Michele De Lucchi was born in 1951 in Ferrara, Italy and graduated in architecture from the University of Florence in 1975. During the period of radical and experimental architecture he was a prominent figure in movements such as Cavart, Alchymia, and Memphis. De Lucchi has designed lamps and furniture for the most well-known Italian and European companies. At Olivetti, he was Director of Design from 1992 to 2002. He developed experimental projects for Compaq Computers, Philips, Siemens, and Vitra and has expressed various personal theories on the evolution of the workspace. He has collaborated in the evolution of their corporate images, introducing technical and aesthetic innovation into the working environment. He has organized numerous art and design exhibitions and has planned buildings for museums such as the Triennale di Milano, Palazzo delle Esposizioni di Roma, and Neues Museum Berlin. His professional work has always gone alongside a personal exploration of architecture, design, technology, and crafts. In 1990, he founded Produzione Privata, a small-scale company through which De Lucchi designs products that are made using artisanal techniques. De Lucchi’s Studio, aMDL S.r.l., has its offices in Milan and Rome. In 2003, the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris acquired a considerable number of his works. Selections of his products are exhibited in the most important design museums in the world.

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