Limited edition - Philippe Jarrigeon - Grand Magasin (Department Store) - photograph

This original photograph was made when the artist was working in the Galeries Lafayette to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Andam.


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Philippe Jarrigeon - Grand Magasin (Department Store)

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A great sense of colour and display comes through these shots by Philippe Jarrigeon. As a well-known figure of contemporary photography, the artist has developed an iconography inspired by the history of art and images from the ‘90’s.
In these portraits, still lives and fashion shots, the photographer’s perfect framing accentuates his strong sense of humour and original points of view.
This original analogical photograph was made when the artist was working in the Galeries Lafayette to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Andam.
Philippe Jarrigeon imagined an ultra-stylized situation in a department store that has more in common with a soap opera or a musical comedy ballet than with plain commercial reality.

Reference 9782363061287
Size 40 x 60 cm
ISBN 9782363061287
Edition 12 copies
Justification Original photographies signed and numbered
Technique Baryta paper
Publication date 2014

Jarrigeon (Philippe)

Philippe Jarrigeon was born in France in 1982. He studied at the Cantonal Art School of Lausanne (ECAL), a prestigious academy at the intersection of multiple forms of art, which led him from industrial design to photography. In 2008, two years after graduation, he was selected by the International Festival of Fashion and Photography of Hyères. Accustomed to work in very different contexts, from brand orders to exhibitions and the artistic direction of his magazine Dorade, revue galante, photographie et forms critiques, Philippe Jarrigeon surrounds himself with fashion designers, visual artists, graphic designers, and architects in order to bring his projects to life. His photography shows a great sense of color and décor. A prominent figure in contemporary photography, he has developed an iconography rooted in the history of art, focusing in particular on the devices and special effects used by surrealists, mixed with 1990’s imagery. In his studio, he creates installations that bristle with objects, people, animals, materials, and flashy colors. In his portraits, still lifes, and fashion shoots, precise framing underscores the humor or irony of his perspective

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