Anne et Patrick POIRIER - Mémoire des murs

Anne and Patrick Poirier, inspired by the special tension felt at Le Corbusier’s masterpiece, the Convent of La Tourette, between landscape and fulfilled architectural utopia, have created a collection of works for the occasion, along with recent pieces. Composed of herbariums, drawings, photographs and models, where real places mix with dreamlike landscapes, these pieces reveal imaginary ruins and archaeological fragments. In this manner, they create a dialogue with the place, “tinged with the whiteness of the walls.”

For each exhibition, a photographer is invited for a residency at La Tourette. In 2013, they celebrated the convent’s restoration after six years of work. The light in the convent has been restored to the original, contrasting with the rough precast concrete, and emphasizing the architectural lines. Lazlo Horvath’s excellent photographs reveal the convent’s beauty.

The text of Le Corbusier’s tour during the inauguration is published here in French and in English to accompany this visit in pictures.

Anne et Patrick POIRIER - Mémoire des murs

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