Jaïna Ennequin - Drawings

Original drawings, screen printed, of 5 ex. (each).


331,75 €

Experiments around the plasticity of natural volcanic phenomena at the origin of the island.

Jaïna Ennequin’s island is the place of many fantasies. Born in West Indies, on the Guadeloupe Island, the artist somehow pays a tribute to this insular and volcanic territory.

The objects she designs are deeply influenced by her attachment for her homeland and its characteristic landscapes. The volcano being the very chore of the island, her series of vases and screenprints draws from its mineral imagery. Jaïna Ennequinhas imagined those 4 preparatoty drawings for her ceramics and screen printed them in 5 ex. each.

Reference Jaïna Ennequin - Dessins
Size 72 x 102 cm
Edition Limited edition of 5 ex. (each drawing)
Technique Olin Regular Cream Mat paper 300 g, screen printing
Publication date 2017

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