Pierre Soulages. Dix-neuf peintures au Louvre - Bruno Duborgel

New texts by Bruno Duborgel on the works of Pierre Soulages presented at the Louvre in 2019. 


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Conceived as a small "private catalogue" alongside the official catalogue, the book presents the 20 works of Pierre Soulages exhibited at the Louvre between December 2019 and March 2020 on the occasion of the artist's centenary.
Bruno Duborgel invites us here on an initiatory journey to penetrate the work of Pierre Soulages. From the old walnut stain (1946-1949) and tar on glass (1948) to these recent "outrenoirs" (2019), Pierre Soulages' artistic journey describes an unpredictable path of adventure and renewal and, at the same time, asserts a rigorous fidelity to the same quest: that of an art, he says, "which does not transmit meaning, but makes sense".
Rich in poetic evocations, the author convokes poets such as Stéphane Mallarmé, Yves Bonnefoy, René Char, André du Bouchet, etc. in this metaphorical ballad. A silent and meditative face to face in front of each of the works reproduced in the book on this occasion.

Let Pierre Soulages himself conclude the subject:
"I am convinced that painting is what writing was for Mallarmé: "an ancient and very vague but practical jealousy whose meaning lies in the mystery of the heart." »

Reference 9782363062895
Number of pages 56
Size 20 x 25 cm
Language French
ISBN 978-2-36306-289-5
Publication date 2020

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