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The artist came up with the idea of striking the trunk of fourteen varieties of trees with a mallet, registering the quality of the vibration from the wood itself, its resonance in away.
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Did Someone see Mr. Corbu ? Gwénaëlle Abolivier A playful paper chase to discover Le Corbusier’s geometric architecture.
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This book is the exhibition catalogue of Picasso et le livre d'artiste at Pierre Andre Benoit museum (Alès)
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Laboratory for diverse artistic forms, the collective FRIGO led from Lyon a very active international network of fine art artists, choreographers, poets, comedians, writers and musicians in between 1978 and 1990.
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Conceived around the relationship of drawing and writing, text and image, Comment d'une épingle faire un clou is a collection of thoughts on the fundamental values of transmission.
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The video and photographic work of Florence Chevallier (born in 1955, currently living and working in Paris) overlaps between document and allegory while exploring the genres of landscape, portrait, self-portrait and genre scene.
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Laure Albin Guillot is the third book by La Collection du Parc coedited with the Fondation nationale pour les arts graphique et plastiques (FNAGP) after Grégoire Korganow and Dalila Alaoui.
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A lamp that can be infinitely modulated (almost) 
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