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For the creation of this new « statement », Lawrence Weiner decided to liberate himself from the direct printing on the wall in order to lead the spectator towards a new relationship to his linguistic proposition.
The artist came up with the idea of striking the trunk of fourteen varieties of trees with a mallet, registering the quality of the vibration from the wood itself, its resonance in away.
Since the early 70's, each photo has been taken the same way. The man dressed in a white shirt photographs himself, posing in an attitude which is as neutral as possible.
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Vogue la galère results from a specific project which has been discussed with Bernard Chauveau Éditeur and Le Néant, éditeur.
Characterized by the intensity of its Prussian blues or cyan blues, the cyanotype has provided Claire Trotignon with an ideal opportunity in which to further develop her graphic work.
Alex Katz’s hand drawings made with ink are a demonstration of his talent.
Inspired by Dürer’s etching “Melancolia”, Vera Molnar continuously interrogates a square filled with numbers of which the sum never changes. She appropriates it and attempts to reveal its secrets.
Destined to inhabit an interior dwelling, Lorsque la forêt s’éclaircit et retient ses animaux en elle is a rare work in a unique universe.
The idea of the imprint is constitutive of the artistic work of Anna et Patrick Poirier: constant questioning of man’s place in the world.
Since 1960, Hermann Nitsch (born in 1938 in Vienna) presents a work that with a strong liturgical character, in which painting, music and theatre are intimately blended.
Bernar Venet, in Hypotheses of Dots, offers a rare work, all the more exceptional because his engraved works are as yet uncommon.
Marine maps from the early twentieth century are the backdrop for a triptych inhabited by signs and diverse highlights. Original intervention by the artist on each piece of the series.
For the edition Mur du son the artist had recorded in 1991 the jet engines on a Concord for almost two hours.
Original drawings and graphic compositions from different periods of his fruitful path, revealing the artist’s multiple facets.
These two impressive works, White Moon and Black Moon, depict a fictive and futuristic landscape, yet to be explored.
Cold Hill Side, an expression taken from the poem La Belle Dame sans merci, is a series of three silkscreens created by Claire Trotignon.
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