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A panoramic over two meters long, Triple Matin is a creation of Claire Trotignon.
An undefinable artist, Fabrice Hyber has never stopped rattling the art world with his POF, his unclassifiable exhibitions transform museums into supermarkets or hairdressing salons.
Original serigraphy created by Odile Decq from the design of the “Pavillon 8” (built in Lyon) consisting of two massive, unbalanced parallelepipeds.
This Monolithe edition was imagined by Odile Decq, following her last important architectural realization: the Fonds regional d’art contemporain (Frac) Bretagne in Rennes, 2012.
With Le Grand Livre the artist has delivered an exceptional work, a monumental book with 23 pages some two meter wide.
By rebinding this black book, Bernar Venet asserts that modernity, far from being dead, is not even outmoded and that the utopia it conveys still deserves to be revived.
Set of 15 prints composed of 24 serigraphies and one original drawing of the artist
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