Jacques Brown - Un Univers fantastique

Self-taught French sculptor and painter Jacques Brown began painting in 1945 and sculpting in 1949.


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Self-taught French sculptor and painter Jacques Brown began painting in 1945 and sculpting in 1949. From the 50s on, he regularly exhibited at the Salon de la Jeune Sculpture, along with his friend Étienne-Martin. Brown was soon given recognition and support by art critic Michel Tapié and gallery-owner Rodolphe Stadler.

The artist’s career moved beyond the French border: in the U.S., his work was regularly shown in the Mayer Gallery, and even Peggy Guggenheim purchased one of his paintings on velvet. In 1956, he adopted laminated polyester, which would become, along with resin, his favourite material. His inspiration is found mainly in fantasy literature, notably the novels of Lovecraft.

From that point on, he would concentrate on sculpting academic figures at first, rapidly succeeded by a series of stylized busts and an amazing bestiary, all issuing from his surprising personal world, nourished by his readings, his interest in mythology and religions, and his taste for the fantastic. These influences can also be found in his drawings, manuscripts, lithographs and linocuts.

For several decades, Jacques Brown was featured in the major art venues and was considered by many critics as one of the most gifted artists of his generation, and the most avant-garde. However, he is, undeservedly, somewhat overlooked at present by the general public and the art world. The exhibition organized by the Museum of Vannes will highlight Jacques Brown’s extreme polysemy and permit the public to embrace the totality of his work.

This publication aspires to become a work of reference that will set the bearings for the study of this original body of work.

EXHIBITION: La Cohue, musée des beaux-arts de Vannes (56) : 1er juin – 6 octobre 2013.

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Brown (Jacques)

Jacques Brown was born in 1918, and died in 1991. He was a French sculptor and painter.

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