Christian Ghion - Full Moon collection

His collection Full Moon is a set of original ceramic pieces, imagined by Christian Ghion.


Christian Ghion is an indefatigable designer, a multi-talented artist who endlessly explores and experiments in new fields. This out-of-the-ordinary designer likes to remind us that “limiting ourselves to academic usages relegates us to doing what others have already done before us.”

His collection Full Moon is an ensemble of original ceramic pieces, in shapes expressive of anatomical aspects imagined by Christian Ghion and enameled in vivid colors or in quieter hues. Each piece is unique and signed by the designer. Full Moon is as much a water pitcher as it is an object to look at or display.

Reference Ghion Full Moon
Size 21 x 15 cm
Technique Hand-enameled white earthenware. Holds approximately 1 quart (1 liter).
Publication date 2012

Ghion (Christian)

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