E-book - Cher Nicéphore

Twelve artists share their « first photograph » and their questionings regarding this medium with us, in order to pay tribute to Nicéphore Niépce, inventor of photography.



2015 : 250 years since the birth of the inventor of photography

Twelve photographers pay tribute to Nicéphore Niépce in a letter accompanied by a photo which was their “first photograph” or the one that made them become “a photographer”.

This testimony of contemporary photographers allows the artists to question their own work and/or to think about photography and its evolution, while paying tribute to Nicéphore Niépce, inventor of photography.

Beside their personal paths, some of them wonder about the future of this image reproduction process:

- Where is the photographer, in this sea of pictures that new technologies nurture?

- How far will photography go? Has it reached all its possibilities? What is left to invent?

Diffuseur numérique: e-Dantès


Reference Fixed layout : 9782363061669
Size Fixed layout and EPUB3
ISBN EPUB3 : 9782363061737
Publication date 2015

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