Le Mural Nomade - Tapisserie moderne et contemporaines au couvent de La Tourette

Catalogue of the exhibition at the couvent de La Tourette


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Le Corbusier used to speak of tapestry as a "nomadic mural art". Embodying for him a third way between art and design, painting and sculpture, tapestry lent itself particularly well to dialogue with architecture.
The exhibition allows visitors to discover the richness and diversity of tapestry from the sixties to the present day. Indeed the The sixties are hinges in the revival of tapestry with two currents presented in the exhibition: - That of tapestries resulting from orders placed by the Manufactures nationales des Gobelins or the Manufactures nationales des Gobelins. Beauvais to the great contemporary artists and the avant-garde in the tradition that goes back to the creation of the Manufactures. in the 17th century by Colbert. Among the many artists solicited we find notably: Geneviève Asse, Pierrette Bloch, Pierre Buraglio, Alexander Calder, Edouardo Chilida, Le Corbusier, Sonia Delaunay, Julije Kniffer, Aurélie Nemours, Gustave Singier, Raoul Ubac, Victor Vasarely, Vieira Da Silva.
- At the same time, the "New Tapestry" movement emerged, which was revealed to the public in 1962 at the first Biennial. International Tapestry Exhibition in Lausanne. This movement is characterised by a renewal of techniques, combining traditional European and Amerindian inspirations, as well as the use of new materials. Tapestries become real textile sculptures. From the two-dimensional that they have been for centuries, the tapestries become three-dimensional with a freedom of weaving that emancipates itself from traditional techniques. "The tapestry was traditional, two-dimensional, ultra-technical and bourgeois. Now it's dusted off and subversive! ». The artists who represent this movement are in particular : Josep Grau-Garriga, Gleb, Jagoda Buic, Olga De Amaral, Alfred Manessier.
The exhibition catalogue presents an important collection of tapestries with woven pieces often unsuspected major figures in the arts or unknown to the general public, but which all have in common the fact that they have marked the art in tapestry of the last fifty years.
With the texts of : Brigitte Bouvier, director of the Le Corbusier foundation; Lucile Montagne, curator at the Mobilier National ; Bertrand Dumas, curator at the Gandur Foundation for Art.

Reference 9782363062871
Number of pages 80
Size 19 x 25 cm
Language Français
ISBN 978-2-36306-287-1
Publication date 2020

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