Bob Verschueren - Regard d'artiste

Bob Verschueren - Regard d'artiste

Bob Verschueren plays on the fragility of things and the pieces he creates interpret this idea of ephemeral Nature.

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A self-taught artist, Bob Verschueren began his career by painting: “Unsatisfied with the limits that canvas imposed on me, I turned toward the landscape, in which I intervened directly with natural pigments. Thus were born, in 1978, the Wind Paintings.”

Since 1995, the artist has also been developing a sound work entitled Catalogue of Plants. His installations, found more often inside exhibition halls than outside, are so many reflections on the unbeatable link between life and death.
He began his series Miniatures végétales in 2004. These sculptural objects are made from a single leaf or twig, then photographed. The field of exploration is so vast that the number of these works never ceases to grow.
Bob Verschueren plays on the fragility of things and the pieces he creates interpret this idea of ephemeral Nature.

“Every installation has value as a metaphor and not a symbol. I don’t want to wrap my installations in required, unequivocal readings. I prefer to keep them open to interpretation for each person, with their own sensibility, their own aptitudes. I seek to give my installations the character of ‘an event.’ And when an installation resonates with the setting that surrounds it, it becomes a natural part of it, establishing a tension between the timeless and the suggestion of ephemeral character.

“For me, the ephemeral nature of a work has an influence on the regard that one gives it. I consider each visitor to an exhibit to be a keeper of its memory. The photographs of an installation are not the end product of the work but rather a part of its memory.”

Bob Verschueren


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Verschueren (Bob)

Bob Verschueren was born 23 October 1945 in Etterbeek, Belgium. He lives and works in Brussels. In 1978, Bob Verschueren left his studio and went outside to work with nature and the wind. Bob Verschueren created Wind Paintings, using natural pigments spread by the wind. Wind Painting was going to be a milestone in his career and the beginning of his interest in natural elements, in particular, plants. Since then, Bob Verschueren has created around 280 installations in Europe, Asia, and America. In 1995, Bob Verschueren began his sonic works, such as Catalogue de plantes and 1999 is the beginning of his engraving, phytogravures. Photography and frottage are also techniques Bob Verschueren likes to explore. Some of the sound installations are accompanied by the poetry of Dominique Sintobin. She is collaborating with Bob Verschueren since 2005. As a result, they have edited artists’ books together. Although protean, Bob Verschueren’s work is always perfectly coherent. In fact, the artistic career of Bob Verschueren progresses as branches on a tree; each new work is as an announcement of the next and is an echo of his previous.

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