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Each destination is a source of inspiration and creation for Nestor Perkal, designer and traveller. The jewellery he creates comes from every one of his experiences as well as his quest for pictures, objects and colours. 


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Nestor Perkal - Necklace Totutla

Nestor Perkal is a travelling architect and designer. He travels the earth looking for objects he likes to reveal, colours and images. He seeks the light of warm countries, the light of his childhood in Argentina, the light that changes your vision of time, space, and what you look at. For him, colour transforms life.

His voyages to Argentina, Mexico and more recently Birmany relate his quest, on markets, in the town centers and villages, in sacred places, on beaches… everywhere people still have the urge and the means to make objects they can relate with.

Nestor Perkal isn’t just a « looker »; he draws, assembles materials, combines shapes, chooses colours, and handles collages, blueprints and discrepancies. His new collection of jewellery is a crystallization of all his travelling experiences. This book represents a patchwork of images that constitute his memory, both source and breeding ground that encourage him to create. 

Reference 9782363061133
Number of pages 120
Size 20 x 25 cm
Technique 120 illustrations
Publication date 2015

Perkal (Nestor)

Born in 1951 in Buenos Aires (Argentina), lives in Paris and works between Paris and Limoges (France).

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