L'Art de Pierre Soulages - Approches - Bruno Duborgel

Deluxe edition of L’Art de Pierre Soulages by Bruno Duborgel.


From a series of interviews of the artist, the author gives an overview of the extent of the work of Soulages: from his explorations of black and light to the presentation of exclusive or little-known pieces through his research on material with his stained glasses of Conques or his etchings on copper. Page after page, we are invited to a rare moment of intimacy revealing the poetic depth and sensitivity of the work of Pierre Soulages.


To complement the book, Pierre Soulages has exceptionally decided to edit a pigment print of his work entitled Brou de noix, 50 x 49 cm, 2003, produced in 50 copies on 220gr Canson paper by Les Artistans du Regard, in Paris. This edition is inserted in the book, and numbered and signed by Pierre Soulages.


Characteristics of the print:

Title: Brou de noix, 50 x 49 cm, 2003

Format: 15 x 15 cm                         

Produced in 50 copies numbered and signed.

Reference Soulages - Tirage de tête
ISBN 9782363062178
Edition 2000 exemplaires
Justification Signé et numéroté
Technique Impression pigmentaire
Publication date 2017

Soulages (Pierre)

Very young, he was drawn to roman art and prehistory. During a short stay in Paris, he goes to the Louvre museum where he sees exhibitions of Cézanne and Picasso, who are revelations to him. It is only in 1946 that he spends his entire time painting. His canvases where black dominates, are abstract and dark, and are so different from semi-figurative and very colored post-war paintings, that they are immediately noticed. Recently, other pieces of art were created, where rythm, space and light were born from the violent contact between blanc and white on the whole surface of the canvas, it's an entirely new and different pictorial light.

Bruno Duborgel teaches Aesthetics and Art science at the Université Jean Monnet of Saint-Etienne (since 2002). Also a philosophy teacher at the Université Lyon 2, he became senior lecturer in 2009.

He already published several books on artists like Pierre Soulages, Bernard Pagès, Philippe Favier etc.

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