Mary Pupet - Mucho Dinero


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Limited Edition -Jacques Villeglé, Souvenirs d'un Nouveau...

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Between fictional representations, detournements and self-identifications, the works of Mary Pupet draw on the duality between her political take on the world and her sensitive experience. Labor, property, value and paradoxes are among her favorite topics.

The artist claims an intentional blurring of the frontiers between conceptual approach (the Pupet’s Monkey Bank) and empiricism (the perceptual experience of some of her drawings).

Some works of her works required her to conduct field investigations on real life events (the collective dream of an international station) and ask for legal professional advice (the acquisition of property right in the field of public goods).

Reference Mary Pupet
Number of pages 128
Size 20 x 25
Language french and english
ISBN 9782363062550
Publication date 2018

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