Damien Deroubaix - Gravures

Damien Deroubaix - Gravures 1996-2016, catalog of the Damien Deroubaix Best of part 2 exhibition, held at the Musée du dessin et de l’estampe originale of Graveline from June 25th to October 16th, 2016.


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Damien Deroubaix’s unique approach is based on the combination of a wide variety of iconographic sources. In order to talk about the dark world we live in, Deroubaix creates engraving with intricate stories while revisiting the genre of vanitas. Many of his artworks revolve around Nazism, referred to as the symbol of absolute evil to decry the ongoing injustices of our time.

Death, violence and myths are Deroubaix’s emblematic subject matters. From a dreadful point of view, his art reflects upon our time where death and war are always lurking.

This book is the catalogue raisonné of his engraving work.

Reference Damien Deroubaix - Gravures
Number of pages 96
Size 23 x 21 cm
Language Fançais
ISBN 9782363062031
Publication date 2016

Deroubaix (Damien)

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