Picasso. Donner à voir


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The Picasso. Donner à voir catalogue gives an outstanding overview of the artist’s production with a focus on his most productive years, his researches and turning point periods. Revolving around about fifteen key moments between 1895 and 1972, during which Picasso invented a new vocabulary, the catalogue explores the artist’s work throughout the following chapters:

1901: From the assimilation of modernity to the blue period

1911-1912: From analytical cubism to synthetic cubism

1924-1930: “Surrealisms”

1937: Around Guernica

From the end of 1953: the urgency of painting

Picasso’s career is punctuated by a series of breaking points initiating new “periods” and “styles”. They are often studied and presented as individual units but this catalogue sheds light on these turning points when the artist came up with new forms. Readers can grasp Picasso’s creative process thanks to a rich iconography of both masterpieces and preparatory drawings. Picasso. Donner à voir explores the diversity of the artist’s work; a diversity he owes to his many encounters and sources of inspiration visible within each work as well as throughout his entire career.

Reference Picasso
Number of pages 360
Size 24 x 28 cm
Language French
ISBN 978-2-36306-251-2
Publication date 2018

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