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The text by Bruno Dubrogel reveals the extensive creative adventure of Pierre Soulages, by means of questions regarding aesthetics, spirituality and technologies.
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In biographical notes, Vera Molnar is often introduced with these few words: “An abstract geometric artist since 1948”, following Kandisnky, Malevitch and Mondrian works.
Auguste Herbin is considered one of the undisputed masters of colour.
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For some forty years Janos Ber has been interrogating Matisse's writings and paintings.
This monograph presents a set of works and interventions, some of them new, by artist Christian Jaccard.
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The Picardie Museum has presented a lesser-known aspect of the artist’s work: his “Toolboxes”. C. Jaccard has compulsively created a multitude of boxes accumulated in his studio for over forty years.
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François Rouan is one of those who have seen Matisse. The paper cut-outs of the years 1965-1966 bear witness to this.
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For nearly forty years, Christian Bonnefoi’s work has stood in a very special place on the painting scene and, more generally, in the history of contemporary art.
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Self-taught French sculptor and painter Jacques Brown began painting in 1945 and sculpting in 1949.
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Titus-Carmel was born in 1942 in Paris. Since the 60’s he has devoted himself exclusively to drawing, painting and writing.
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Jackie Matisse, granddaughter of Henri Matisse and daughter of Pierre Matisse who had a famous gallery in New York, was born in 1931.
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Anne and Patrick POIRIER create an original and poetic dialogue with the Convent of La Tourette, Le Corbusier’s masterpiece, “tinged with the whiteness of the walls.”
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To mark the fiftieth anniversary of the priory of La Tourette, the artist F. Morellet was invited to stage an exhibition of his works that would resonate with Le Corbusier's architecture.
“Light has this unique quality, of being at once material and immaterial... light speaks” Éric Michel.
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The Dominican brothers of the priory of La Tourette have invited three artists to stage an exhibition of theirs works that would resonate with Le Corbusier's architecture.
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For many years now, Martin Bruneau has been working from paintings of the great masters of the classical period such as Rembrandt, Velasquez, Courbet, Pousins or even Philippe de Champaigne.
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