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What characterizes Philippe Favier’s work, built up over a couple of decades, is doubtless its consistent inventiveness and the liberty he accords to upsetting the images he initiates.
26,07 €
Hymne à la Joie, refers to Beethoven’s ninth symphony, and is an in-situ installation for the Galeries Lafayette, Paris, in July 2011.
9,48 €
On the occasion of inauguration of its new wing devoted to the Department of Islamic Arts, the Louvre Museum has invited Walid Raad, and given him carte blanche.
23,70 €
Today the work of NILS-UDO enjoys a wide and well-deserved international recognition. Represented in the most famous public and private international collections, this artist is now considered one of the masters of contemporary fine art photography.
18,96 €
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