Cher Pierre Larousse…

Cher Pierre Larousse…

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2017 marks the bicentenary of Larousse’s birth (1817-1875).

In the manner of Cher Corbu, Cher Matisse, Cher Nicéphore

and Chère Camille Claudel, Cher Pierre Larousse is an outspoken

declaration to this tireless man of progress, at a time when

anxiety prevails over matters like learning how to read

and write, the endangerment of our spelling, the rise of illiteracy,

the evolution of the tongue, the reform of spelling; a time when

tweets and texts messages induce new vocabulary.

Our authors willingly revisited memories

around their first dictionaries, the Larousse that

went from hand to hand, greedily browsed through

or repurposed, intertwining family saga with History.

They joyfully evoked the word one looks for or mistreats,

the word of the year, the forbidden word and the word

yet to be invented. Words, words, and words again:

to be or not to – in the Larousse…

Cher Pierre Larousse

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Favier (Philippe)

In Europe’s artistic scene, Philippe Favier is an example of a singular practice which has no real equivalent. Born in 1957, he has, since the 1980's, produced paintings where the motif becomes a simple ornamentation of a wider whole, without visible hierarchy and without any particular construction apart from the fact that it creates an off-camera, both physical and mental. There is in this artist, the idea that art should, above all, activate imagination. To achieve this he does not hesitate to introduce fascinating little figures, sometimes multiplied to infinity. Using the theme of vanities, death and skeletons, he fills his pages with ordinary but surprising objects that alternate with intriguing otherworld images. The important point for him, is that the book, the images, the story-path, are to be read and deciphered. The work is a synthesis between the pages full of crypto glyphs, and the page after-page succession of possible readings. Philippe Favier builds impossible works, without beginning, without end, without orientation, without any destination other than to lead us into unsuspected depths in our imagination. Time stretches, lengthens to infinity, takes different forms according to how we read.

Hausherr (Pascal)

Born in 1957, he lives and works in Paris. Combining an autobiographic and staging work, he imposes from the middle of the 90s. His artworks are mostly kept in the public collections of the Bibliothèque Nationale de France in Paris, at the Carnavalet museum in Paris and at the Maison Européenne de la photographie in Paris, as well as in diverse private collections. He is the author of many artists' books.

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