Le CRAFT et Terra Rossa, une ambition unique : la céramique

When designers and creators are invited to reinvent the use we make of ceramics, an ancient material, then is created an exceptional exhibition.


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For the past twenty years, the CRAFT (center of research of arts on fire and earth) based in Limoges, reinvents the use we make of ceramics by inviting world-wide known designers and creators to explore all the possibilities this very ancient material offers.

More than sixty artists were invited to create a work of research and creation: when all its difficulties are addressed, ceramic becomes an artistic challenge, a piece of art. The art works thus created for the purpose of a serial production or a unique piece, are qualified by their innovative and transgressing aspects and their avant-gardist characteristics.

Whether it’s in design, architecture or visual arts, these art works are united in an exceptional exhibition during the 3rd Biennale of contemporary ceramics in Salernes.

The CRAFT makes ceramic leave the “table”, and has become a reference in contemporary creation, imposing as the “ceramic exception”.

Reference 9782363061577
Number of pages 108
Size 20 x 25 cm
Technique 50 illustrations
Publication date 2015

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