Lionel Sabatté et Éric Chevillard / Chimères de rouille et de poussière

Head print of the catalogue of the eponymous exhibition at the Maison des Arts de Bages from 20 June to 30 August 2020


Lionel Sabatté et Éric Chevillard / Chimères de rouille...

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On the occasion of the exhibition Chimères de rouille et de poussière at the Maison des Arts de Bages, Lionel Sabatté proposes us a series of original works, constituting the head print of the exhibition catalogue.

Let the artist himself talk about this new artwork:

"If my first wolves in dust were lying down, the next ones have risen; as for the last ones, they howl, standing up to what one imagines to be the moon. This movement naturally continued with the birds, almost all of which are eager to soar - back to the origin, one might say, of dust collected from the ground (and even the basement), though volatile in essence. ...] This taste for duality has naturally led me to chimeras, living but non-viable creatures, one-piece but multiple - they surface in almost everything I do, since always, and in this text again. Scribbling like all children of little men, I have seen them transform into hybrid animals holding the lion, the eagle, the dragon and the elephant - to stick to what I am able to name. At the same time, I went to visit the eel that my grandfather raised in a barrel in his cellar and let me feed on what seemed to me to be a reduction of itself, an earthworm. Nevertheless, everything is getting a bit blurry in my memory, and I might be confused with what we used to feed our catfish ... »

These productions are placed on the back cover of the book, contact us for more information on available prints.

Reference 978-2-36306-290-1
Référence 978-2-36306-290-1
Number of pages 132
Size 21 x 27 cm
Language Français
ISBN 9782363062901
Justification Signed
Technique Paper Back
Publication date 2020

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