Nathalie Talec / Chamanic Apparition

A series of drawings with gold leaves by the French artist Nathalie Talec.

Gold symbolizes the forces that preside over the universe and the invisible energies that flow around the world. They come to life through living but also inanimate creatures, shedding light on the infinitely small and precarious as well as the telluric powers of mountains. Gold reveals the mystical interactions between Man and the environment… Nathalie Talec’s recent body of work explores this side of the world that becomes visible when we open our eyes on the extraordinary complexity of our environment. It all started with a series of trips the artist did in the far north of Canada living with Inuit communities. There, under an almost eternal night, she witnessed the shamanic gatherings that punctuate the life of these societies.  The gold leaf drawings she created upon her return to France are a translation of what she felt, saw and thought. There are no words, explanation or comments. These drawings are not objective documents or ethnographic pieces of evidence on these people. They are proofs that our destiny probably lies in our ability to channel the energy of nature and cosmos through the human body as a vector. 


Nathalie Talec was born in 1960. She teaches at the Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts of Paris. She currently lives and works in Paris.

Size 70 x 50 cm
Edition Unique pieces
Justification Signé
Technique Drawing and gold leaf on Fine Art paper
Publication date 2018

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