Anne et Patrick Poirier - Jeu de construction - Dépôt archéologique

An obsidian construction game created by Anne et Patrick Poirier


Willingly considering themselves as both architects and archeologists, Anne and Patrick Poirier have developed a practice that questions human science since the 1970’s, and specifically the place of memory in modern societies. Conscious of the fragility of civilizations and cultures, their work often takes up a fragmentary form. Many of their emblematic pieces are reconstitutions of ruined cities from the past or the future. For the first time, they have decided to apply this principle in a multiple artwork. Imagined like a construction game, this Jeu de construction - Dépôt archéologique is made of 122 pieces in obsidian glass. Inspired by the building kits from the 1930’s, this multiple artwork invites each and everyone to build of his own antique city.

Reference Dépôt obsidienne - Poirier
Size 120 pièces
Edition 8 exemplaires
Justification Numéroté et signé sur une pièce
Technique Sculpture en obsidienne
Publication date 2016

Poirier (Anne & Patrick)

Anne Poirier, born in 1942 and Patrick Poirier, born in 1942. They live and work between Paris and the Provence (South of France).

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