Artists' Editions 

Galerie 8 + 4  presents artists' editions such as multiples, etchings and original creations. Each project edited by the gallery is the result of an encounter and a dialogue with the artist, thus opening the path to many possibilities of practices and mediums. 

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This multiple is composed of a set of nine wooden letters forming the word: SOMETHING.Sycamore tree set.
805,69 €
The motif of the Montagne Saint-Victoire -so dear to Cezanne- holds a unique place in Vera Molnar’s work.
2 500,00 €
Marégramme de l’amour is one of Hady Sy’s most overtly enchanting and poetic works.
3 000,00 €
XXXX exhaustively displays the content of an industrial cereal box.
521,33 €
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