Vera Szekely - Traces

Vera Szekely - Traces by Daniel Léger


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Traces is no fiction, it is a journey about Vera Székely, an artist left at the margin of art history. Conceived like a diary, this book is a look into Vera Szekely’s personality. Restless, the artist has left her marks on clay, lead, wood, canvas, ground and space. Vera Szekely finally comes out of the shadow of her husband and sculptor Pierre Székely and her son and designer Martin Szekely.

Her story is illustrated by a collection of documents published in appendix along with archival images.

Daniel Léger, a unique author with an eye for rebellious art, shares his vision of this great artist whose work strongly influenced the creation of the second half of the 20th century.

Vera Székely, plastic and ceramic artist, was born in 1919 and died in 1995.

Reference Traces - Vera Székely
Number of pages 128
Size 12 x 19 cm
Language Française
ISBN 9782363061911
Edition 500
Publication date 2016

Vera Szekely

“I had never heard of a Szekely other than Martin. I knew nothing about Pierre and Vera. The world had forgotten all about Vera. As for Pierre, her ex-husband and sculptor, he had gained international fame. While telling her story, I try to determine trough research and images, how much of her talent was stolen, as I think it was, but also how much of her creativity as well as her avant-garde spirit was smothered, or, if it was a personal choice on her part. My book does not intend to be controversial but rather tries to reshuffle a deck of cards probably rigged from the start. I found some clues but no certainties. I progress step by step through the very writing of this impressionistic diary.”

Extract by Daniel Léger

Vera Szekely, plastic and ceramic artist, was born in 1919 and died in 1995.

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