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"Couleurs Contemporaines" is dedicated to modern and contemporary decorative arts, design and architecture. Its purpose is to bring to the attention of the public the work of contemporary creators, with photographs and drawings, for the most part published here for the first time.

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Auguste Herbin is considered one of the undisputed masters of colour.
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Titus-Carmel was born in 1942 in Paris. Since the 60’s he has devoted himself exclusively to drawing, painting and writing.
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“Light has this unique quality, of being at once material and immaterial... light speaks” Éric Michel.
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What characterizes Philippe Favier’s work, built up over a couple of decades, is doubtless its consistent inventiveness and the liberty he accords to upsetting the images he initiates.
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Self-taught French sculptor and painter Jacques Brown began painting in 1945 and sculpting in 1949.
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Hervé Dixneuf and Grégory Blain, who joined forces in 2007 to create the “Atelier BL119”, make up an atypical duo, far from the usual line of strategy one comes across in the work of young designers.
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Jackie Matisse, granddaughter of Henri Matisse and daughter of Pierre Matisse who had a famous gallery in New York, was born in 1931.
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Between 21 September 2009 and 20 September 2010, designer Guillaume Bardet composed a drawing of a personal object every day for a year.
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Claude Aïello became his own master, and since the 1980s, has specialized in the production of ceramic pieces with international designers as Ronan Bouroullec, Christian Ghion, Mathieu Lehanneur...
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For nearly forty years, Christian Bonnefoi’s work has stood in a very special place on the painting scene and, more generally, in the history of contemporary art.
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During his stay in the Dominican Monastery of La Tourette – the last major work of French architect Le Corbusier - photographer George Dupin disclosed a set of unseen snapshots.
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This monograph presents a set of works and interventions, some of them new, by artist Christian Jaccard.
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François Rouan is one of those who have seen Matisse. The paper cut-outs of the years 1965-1966 bear witness to this.
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An exhaustive appraisal of designer Christian Ghion's work. This book examines his numerous fields of intervention (design of objets, furniture, architecture and interior design...).
The Dominican brothers of the priory of La Tourette have invited three artists to stage an exhibition of theirs works that would resonate with Le Corbusier's architecture.
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For some forty years Janos Ber has been interrogating Matisse's writings and paintings.
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