Janos Ber - À main levée

À main levée is the result of a long process of reflection by the artist Janos Ber on colour and design arising simultaneously.


À main levée is the result of a long process of reflection on colour and design arising simultaneously. A game too, with the white of the paper, throughout a series of 9 colour plates that succeed each other like one breath after another.

This series is accompanied by texts written by Janos Ber, extracts from his book “Un Rouge ciel, peintures et notes sur la peinture” (Adam Biro, 1997). These texts were chosen to form an autonomous ensemble, clarifying certain unvarying aspects of his thinking as a painter. Written in black, in freehand, on large white sheets, like ‘written drawings’, they punctuate an approach to seeing.

For this special edition, Janos Ber worked directly with the serigraph, composing the colours and designs, seeking the perfect harmony of the instant.

Reference 9782363061058
Size 56 x 76 cm
ISBN 9782363061058
Edition 35 copies + 15 artist's copies
Technique 9 panels of drawings and 3 panels of text Cloth-covered, stamped case Serigraphy print on BFK Rives 250g paper

Ber (Janos)

Janos Ber is a hungarian painter, he was born in Budapest in 1937 and lives and works in Paris since 1957. He interrogates Henri Matisse’s writings and paintings, beginning of a production that addresses themes coming from “the subconscious”. In 2008, Martin Pierlot exhibits four moments of his recent painting at the Ratilly castle. Janos Ber also exhibits his work at l’H du Siège in Valenciennes in 2009.

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