Anne-Marie Schneider - Tout est un devient deux

Anne-Marie Schneider - Everything is one becomes two

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Tout est un devient deux is made of 21 pairs of drawings. Each representation is split into 2 drawings and plays with a duality that each of us experiences on a daily basis.


Since the early 1990’s, Anne-Marie Schneider has developed her unique style which goes almost against common trends. Drawing is essential for her as it enables her to comment on the hazards of her daily life. But this process, close to that of a diary, is sublimated in her art. All the emotions and sensations are subjected to the work of the unconscious. The real world becomes the emanation a circumstanced -and almost dreamlike- relationship with the heaviness of the world’s hazards. Her drawings often bear more direct political meaning. In this respect, Anne-Marie Schneider subsequently applied herself to deciphering the bad habits of our culture. The dream therefore turns into a nightmare and confirms how difficult it is to be faced with the diktats of economic or political authorities.

Tout est un devient deux (When one becomes two) is made of 21 drawings or to be exact 21 pairs of drawings. Each representation is split into two drawings and plays with a duality that each of us experiences on a daily basis. As one proceeds through the drawings, time seems to be stretched, as indicated by the scaling motifs, by slowly-smouldering cigarettes or yarn reels that unwind endlessly. The characters, already rare, are reduced to signs close to abstraction. Any dialogue seems impossible. This edition signed and numbered is Anne-Marie Schneider’s first try in the “multiple” field. This sumptuous portfolio –created according to the artist’s instructions- is evidence of her ever-evolving way of thinking.

Limited Edition: 35 copies, numbered and signed.

Anne-Marie Schneider
Born in 1962. Lives and works in Paris.
Her relentless artistic output has been predominantly centered on her drawing but, over the years, film and sculpture have begun to constitute an extension of her work. Anne-Marie Schneider approaches drawing in the same way as one might keep a personal diary. Her drawings are an answer to a profound desire to sublimate reality and depict daily life, as it is perceived by the unconscious. They often depict emotions or feelings impossible to express verbally. Her universe alternates between dream and reality and the transition between both universes is continual and without any rational connection. From this personal world filled with fragility and intimacy springs fantastical -and sometimes caustic- poetry that is far from naïve. A vision emerges from her drawings, paintings and films that is sometimes frightening, but inspires imaginary and real empathy in a dreamlike way.

Last Exhibitions:
2009 : « Elles@centrepompidou » : women in the Centre Pompidou Collection, Paris
2009 : « Jambes longues » ("Long Legs"), Museum Het Domein, Sittard (Netherlands)
2008 : « Œuvres graphiques 1999-2007» ("Graphic Works 1999-2007": Musée d'Art moderne de la Ville de Paris
2007 : « Air de Paris », Centre Pompidou-Musée national d’art moderne, Paris.


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30 x 30 cm
35 copies
Signed and numbered
Presentation in a cloth-bound Box (portfolio)
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Schneider (Anne-Marie)

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