Lionel Sabatté et Éric Chevillard / Chimères de rouille et de poussière

Catalogue of the eponymous exhibition at the Maison des Arts de Bages from 20 June to 30 August 2020


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Lionel Sabatté et Éric Chevillard / Chimères de rouille...

The sphere of the living as well as the transformations of matter due to time are at the core of Lionel Sabatté's work.

For several years now, the artist has been collecting materials that have traces of his life: dust, ashes, coal, dead skins, tree stumps... These elements are combined in an unexpected way and the works thus created carry within them both a delicacy and a "disturbing strangeness", giving life to a hybrid bestiary in which creatures from the abyssal depths rub shoulders with small birds from the oxidized islands, bears, wolves, emus, owls, but also unicorns...

Practicing at the same time painting, drawing and sculpture, Lionel Sabatté tries to create a dialogue between all his works in a permanent interconnection. His research on the mineral, the animal, the organic in short, gives rise to poetic, sensitive, disturbing works that participate in a global reflection on our condition and the place we occupy in our environment.
For the exhibition at the Maison des Arts de Bages, Lionel Sabatté is interested in the eels of the pond of Bages. He presents a body of unpublished works on the living and evolution.

This artistic production is accompanied by original texts by Éric Chevillard.

Reference 978-2-36306-281-2
Référence 978-2-36306-281-2
Number of pages 132
Size 21 x 27 cm
Language Français
ISBN 9782363062812
Technique Paper Back
Publication date 2020

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