Shigeko Hirakawa - Regard d'artiste

Shigeko Hirakawa - Regard d'artiste

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Performances of S. Hirakawa question spectators on the place they occupy in natural environment, their relationship to nature and its impact on them.


Shigeko Hirakawa has left her imprint on the Domaine de Trévarez with three works that question spectators on the place they occupy in natural environment and their relationship to nature and its impact on them.

Her Print on Water is an installation consisting of a 55 m3 water tank symbolizing the quantity of water used by a French citizen for domestic needs per year. The artist invites the visitor to sensitively take over the work by walking over it. In this manner, visitors are made sensitive to and encouraged to reconsider their consumption of water.

Water in a Bubble symbolizes the feeble mass of fresh water on the Earth compared to the massive proportion of salt water (97.5%). In the Bassin de la Chasse, nine little bubbles filled with water emerge, reinforcing the mirror effect of the water in the basin.

In Pursue Water, Shigeko Hirakawa decided to colour the water of the southwest reservoirs in the Trévarez castle green. The coloured water pours out of the basins into the canal and is progressively degraded by the action of light.

When she discovered that the global annual consumption of water of one French person (1786 m3) was identical to the quantity of water present in the castle’s basins, the artist chose to directly materialize this impact in the heart of the domain with her Pursue Water.
The work will be reactivated on a regular basis during the different manifestations organized at Trévarez, as a performance.


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Hirakawa (Shigeko)

Born in Kurume, Fukuoka (Japan). She arrived in France in 1983 with a grant from the french government. She lives and works in Châtenay-Malabry, France. Exhibited in the following countries: France, United States, Japan, Belgium, Poland, Germany, Great Britain. The principal themes that Shigeko Hirakawa is interested in are: the relationship between humans and nature, the forms of human intelligence expressed face to nature, natural elements such as the sun, water, air and vegetation. Naturally, these themes are linked to our preoccupations regarding the environment and ecology. It is the case of the project "Air en péril?" that ogave place to several exhibitions.

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