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"Rencontre d'atelier" is an original collection of artists' books in limited edition.

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This edition follows the artist’s approach and research on generative works and on movement. It is composed of twelve flipbooks, a black and white booklet.
616,11 €
Odile Decq has devised an original edition that take back the founders of architectural elements of the MACRO in Roma
521,33 €
Tout est un devient deux is made of 21 pairs of drawings. Each representation is split into 2 drawings and plays with a duality that each of us experiences on a daily basis.
1 421,80 €
The idea for this book was born when Claude Rutault, in the d/m 208, considered the future of marelles, (hopscotches), a series on which he worked from August 1971 to September 1975.
This edition includes a copy of the book Signa Mentis, accompanied by an original box inspired by "Boîte en acétate contenant couple d'outils", from 2012.
331,75 €
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