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This book presents the work of 12 renowned textile designers that reveals a universe which is poetic, fantastic and full of humour.


This book presents the work of 12 renowned textile designers (Brigitte Armager, Luc Druez, Ying Gao, Pietro Seminelli, Elisabeth de Senneville, etc.). It reveals a universe which is poetic, fantastic and full of humour. The exhibition was staged at the Musée des Tissus de Lyon to show the new interactive fabrics, often called intelligent fabrics, which communicate, and react to the environment, to light, heat, contact, friction—textiles that play with the senses.
The special edition, limited to 200 copies, is covered with Franges Cell fabric, a creation of Luc Druez (2008).


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15 x 21 cm
1500 copies
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Amarger (Brigitte)

After a course at the ESAA and the visual arts university, Brigitte Armager teaches textile art and tapestry since 1989. She used to be one of Robert Wogensky and Jacques Brachet’s students, and was awarded the 1st prize Scythia Kherson Ukraine in 2004 and the 1st prize Artextures France Patchwork in 2005. Armager especially works on threads, films and reflective materials, that she associates to thermofusible glue threads, playing on graphism, lights, transparency, and lead an important reflexion on writing.

Berzowska (Joanna)

Joanna Berzowska is a seamstress and designer artist. She is a professor and holder of the Chaire of design and digital arts of the Concordia University. Founder of the XS Labs (Extra Soft) in Montreal, Joanna Berzowska develops electronic textiles, interactive clothes and wearable technology. Her art and design work was presented at the Cooper-Hewitt Design Musuem of New York, the V&A in London, the Beijing Millennium museum…

Bost (Florence)

Industrial designer, Florence Bost started working with Andrea Branzi and pursues her textile research under Gaetano Pesce’s look during his seminar “hybrid objects”. She is an active member of the Casa Moda, pioneer association in technical textiles displacing. She stayed a few months at the Villa Kujoyama where she realized poetic and sensitive creations such as a triple sound jacquard. Integrating technological languages into graphic conception, she makes them transparent and allows them to communicate. Her passion is to create textiles that, through their own rhythm, rouse our senses.

Druez (Luc)

In order to express himself, Luc Druez, Belgian musician, abandons partitions in favor of textile. As a designer, he works for the theatrical world and for the greatest textile couturiers. Luc Druez is fascinated by the association of natural fibers, especially flax, and industrial fibers such as copper, of which he plays with the colors. Luc Druez’s art pieces are both translucent and opaque, and the light that evolves on their surface plays an essential role in the perception of the object.

Gao (Ying)

Ying Gao was born in China and teaches at the School of Design and the Ecole supérieure de mode of Québec, in Montréal. Ying Gao also directs the design lab “Exercices de style”. Ying Gao works in pair with the designer Karl Latraverse. She especially works on the association of fashion with interactive multimedia. Ying Gao interrogates the functionality and structure of contemporary clothing through interactive clothes, such as the Walking City. In 2009, Ying Gao gets the Phyllis Lambert grant which encourages her to pursue her research.

Lavonen (Maija)

Maija Lavonen was born in Finland and studied at the Institut des Arts appliqués and at the École libre d’art of Helsinki. Exhibited all over the world, Maija Lavonen received many international prizes. Her work concentrates on the weaving of optical fiber, often associated to the flax she orients towards architecture and contemporary decors. Maija Lavonen's art pieces should be considered as true textile sculptures, light and colorful, endowed with a surprisingly strong poetic force.

Mallebranche (Sophie)

After getting her diploma at the École Supérieure des Arts Appliqués Duperré of Paris, Sophie Mallebranche works with architects, designers and interior designers from all over the world. Her predilection material is copper, that she weaves and transforms, sometimes associating it to stainless steel, bronze, brass, silicone, leather, silk, precious woods and rock crystals. Sophie Mallebranche transforms industrial materials into sensitive and poetic art works that vest interiors.

Moos-Brochhagen (Veronika)

Pincemaille (Sandrine)

De Senneville (Elisabeth)

Seminelli (Pietro)

Simard-Laflamme (Carole)

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