Philippe Favier - Le Mariage de Francis

Philippe Favier - Le Mariage de Francis


March 1967- Musée d’art et d’industrie of Saint-Etienne- Philippe Favier discovered contemporary art and Le Fiancé by Francis Picabia.

“I received my first bike at the age of twelve, since then, I have been on the road.” (Paul Morand)

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For more than thirty years, Philippe Favier has been a singular figure in the art world. Following his own path, away from trends and beaten tracks, he has been developing an often-dreamlike unique universe filled with humoristic or nostalgic quotes. The diversity of his plastic creations and the variety of the materials he uses contribute to his approach being one of the most original of our time.

Since 2006, our editing gallery has been following Philippe Favier through several original creations that illustrate his genius. Inventiveness and freedom are the core elements of his outstanding work.

Le mariage de Francis, his last edition created for the 8+4 gallery is a set of 6 original plates in tribute to Francis Picabia.

From images representing mechanical elements from the industrial era (like gears…) that Philippe Favier collected during his many wanders through thrift shops, each motif is partly covered by a black background and enhanced by a wedding veil. The artist has intervened on every plate, disrupting the surface through multiple actions: pictorial additions (writings, numbers etc.) but also mere objects (metallic eyelet, leather strap etc.) Thus, even though this set of 6 plates is made in a series of 8, each set remains unique.

The set is presented in a box/ wooden suitcase painted in black.

Favier - Le Mariage de Francis

Data sheet

Number of pages
6 planches réunies dans un coffret
50 x 80 cm
8 ex.
Signé et numéroté
Technique mixte sur papier Hahnemühle 500g
Publication date

Favier (Philippe)

In Europe’s artistic scene, Philippe Favier is an example of a singular practice which has no real equivalent. Born in 1957, he has, since the 1980's, produced paintings where the motif becomes a simple ornamentation of a wider whole, without visible hierarchy and without any particular construction apart from the fact that it creates an off-camera, both physical and mental. There is in this artist, the idea that art should, above all, activate imagination. To achieve this he does not hesitate to introduce fascinating little figures, sometimes multiplied to infinity. Using the theme of vanities, death and skeletons, he fills his pages with ordinary but surprising objects that alternate with intriguing otherworld images. The important point for him, is that the book, the images, the story-path, are to be read and deciphered. The work is a synthesis between the pages full of crypto glyphs, and the page after-page succession of possible readings. Philippe Favier builds impossible works, without beginning, without end, without orientation, without any destination other than to lead us into unsuspected depths in our imagination. Time stretches, lengthens to infinity, takes different forms according to how we read.

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